Tuesday, July 8, 2008

China List

Hello everyone!

I am leaving for China in a little over a week, so I thought I’d send
out an email to all the people who I had on my list when I was in the
Netherlands, and see who wanted updated news from my adventures in
China! I will be in Beijing for most of the time, making day trips to
the surrounding area. I will be mainly reporting for the Olympics, and
I will be staying on the campus of the Communication University of
China. I will have the internet, but I do not yet know what will be
blocked or not. Because of this, I will be waiting until I get there
to attempt to set up a blog. Otherwise, I’ll just be emailing you
updates of my travels!

My address at the school is:

International Exchange Center
Communication University of China (CUC)
No. 1 East Street, Dingfuzhuang
Chaoyang District, Beijing
People’s Republic of China

If you are on this list but don’t want your email to be flooded, let
me know and I’ll take you off! Otherwise, expect a weekly or bi-weekly
note from me via China!

Hope to talk to you all soon!



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